sushi: regular & vegetable rolls

Brown rice available, add $2.00 per roll.

Temaki-style (cone-shaped hand rolls) available

1. California Roll California Roll
crab, avocado, cucumber and masago (smelt roe)
2. Spicy California Roll Spicy California Roll s 
spicy crab mix, avocado, cucumber and masago (smelt roe)
3. Tuna Roll Tuna Roll $4.95
4. Spicy Tuna Roll Spicy Tuna Roll * s 
spicy tuna and cucumber (spicy salmon upon request)
5. French Roll French Roll
shrimp tempura, cucumber, and Japanese mayo
6. Deluxe Shrimp Tempura Roll Deluxe Shrimp Tempura Roll
shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, crab and sweet sauce
7. Ebi-kyu Roll Ebi-kyu Roll
ginger-boiled shrimp and cucumber
8. Yellowtail Roll Yellowtail Roll *
yellowtail and scallions
9. Eel Roll Eel Roll
eel, avocado and cucumber
10. Futomaki Roll Futomaki Roll
traditional Japanese big roll with crab, egg cake, masago (smelt roe) and vegetables
11. Cucumber Roll Cucumber Roll v  $3.50
12. Avocado Roll Avocado Roll v  $3.75
13. Asparagus Roll Asparagus Roll v  $3.75
14. CAA Roll CAA Roll v 
cucumber, avocado, and asparagus
15. Yasai Roll Yasai Roll v 
sweet potato tempura with sweet sauce
16. Shitake Roll Shitake Roll v 
shitake mushrooms, avocado and cucumber
17. Plain Fashion Roll Plain Fashion Roll v 
avocado, cucumber, spinach, kanpyo (sweet pickled gourd), lettuce and asparagus