menu: appetizers

1. Tempura Appetizer Tempura Appetizer
delicately battered and deep-fried
vegetable v
shrimp & vegetable
2. Gyoza Gyoza
deep-fried dumplings
pork dumplings
vegetable dumplings v
3. Shumai Shumai
shrimp-filled potstickers
regular (5 pcs)
jumbo (4 pcs topped w/ whole shrimp)
4. Goma-ae Goma-ae v
boiled spinach chilled and topped with sesame sauce
5. Edamame Edamame v
boiled soy beans in the pod, lightly salted
6. Tatsuta-age Tatsuta-age
homemade chicken nuggets
7. Nasu No Shigi Yaki Nasu No Shigi Yaki
eggplant with ginger/chicken topping
8. Yakitori Yakitori
charbroiled chicken and onion skewers
9. Asparagus Beef Maki Asparagus Beef Maki
asparagus wrapped with sliced beef, grilled
10. Negamaki Negamaki
beef-wrapped green onion roll, grilled
11. Kotobuki Shrimp Kotobuki Shrimp
broiled, pan-fried shrimp topped with a tangy sauce
12. Calamari Calamari
lightly breaded squid, our own special recipe
13. Soft Shell Crab Soft Shell Crab
tempura-fried soft shell crab w/ ponzu dipping sauce
14. Age-dashi Tofu Age-dashi Tofu
deep-fried tofu cakes in a flavorful broth